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Evansville Honey Bee and Hornet Removal

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We’ll remove the hive and humanely relocate the hive., and we can even repair the damage it caused.

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Honey Bee Removal

Honey bees often build hives in residential dwellings and outbuildings. Disturbing the hive can be dangerous and destructive to your structure. Contact us for professional removal.

Hornet & Wasp Removal

These uninvited guests can ruin your day. Don’t tackle them yourself! Call us and we’ll handle them for you and we’ll help keep them from returning.

Hive Relocation

We humanely relocate hives and bees with great care. Our teqniques make for happy bees and home-owners alike! Contact us today if you’ve seen a hive anywhere it doesn’t belong.

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If you’ve got bee or hornet problems, we’re here to help. Call us today at (812) 457-9171.

We proudly serve the southern Indiana area with wildlife removal and damage repair services.